Small Area Plan

Edit: The final draft of the plan can be found here.

The Area 6 Small Area Plan process was initiated last year when the City hired Streetsense, a planning firm, to hold gather data and hold a series of public meetings.  Streetsense used the data to compile a market analysis and land use study of Area 6.  The Planning Department has taken the last few months to work with the Planning Commission and City Council to translate the Streetsense report into a Comprehensive Plan amendment.  The next step in the process is for the Comprehensive Plan Amendment to go through the public hearing process with the Planning Commission and City Council for formal adoption.

Here is the plan.

Highlights from the plan include:

The Maker District

  • Develop the maker district in Area 6 solidifying the Princess Anne Street commercial corridor as a unified district to guide redevelopment with a mixture of innovative, creative, and maker as well as residential uses. (Page 187-189);
  • Create opportunities to incentivize affordable housing to enable families to live and work within their neighborhoods. (Page 188);

Residential Neighborhoods

  • Protect existing neighborhoods by updating zoning to reflect neighborhood patterns. (Page 186);
  • Where supported by the neighborhoods, pattern books and conservation districts could be applied to reflect the architectural integrity of the area. (Page 186);
  • Simplify and improve regulations along the Princess Anne Street Corridor to ensure that zoning supports the development envisioned, (Page 187-189);

Access and Mobility

  • Improve traffic flow and safety along Route 1, implementing the VDOT STARS (Strategic Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) recommendations, (page 192-193);
  • Simplify and improve the Route 1 and Princess Anne Street intersections to create a welcoming gateway from the north, (page 192-193);
  • Improve walkability with safer Route 1 crossing points, (page 192-193);

Historic and Environmental Resources

  • Encourage best practices in stormwater management for newly developed and redevelopment areas, (page 190);
  • Preserve natural and historic features that define the character of the district. Develop a transfer of development rights program to preserve these features while enabling appropriate development. (188-189);

Please let me know the next available time to discuss this plan with your neighborhood group and also if you have any additional questions.

Mike Craig, AICP

Senior Planner

City of Fredericksburg

(540) 372-1179

Updated: October 12, 2018 — 7:23 am

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